Keeping sane at home with children during the Coronavirus

Keeping sane at home with children during the Coronavirus

Tips for keeping sane at home juggling children, homeschooling and working from home during the Coronavirus or COVID-19 lock down and social distancing period.

Keeping sane at home as COVID-19 is spreading through the UK is difficult. We are now asked not to leave home unless absolutely necessary. Schools are closed and we are now faced with having our children home out of education for many months.

Parents are now juggling working from home, no childcare, no family help, and children homeschooling. So how as parents do we survive?

Keeping Sane at Home – Outdoor Space

While we are home bound and only allowed to leave for exercise once a day, this one chance might be our only chance to be alone. For many it will be the only chance to get fresh air. Let’s make the most of it. Put your favourite music on, or an audio book and breath in the fresh air. Clear your mind and try to reset whilst maintaining social distancing. The weather will slowly be getting warmer. Although it might be extremely difficult to enjoy life being in a lock down, let’s try to call out the things we are grateful for. Health if you have it, family safely at home, the ability for us to be together with our children. This terrible COVID-19 virus can perhaps bring us closer together.

If you take the children out for a walk,  collect rocks, sticks and flowers. Use them to play with later at home, make a fairy garden or a dinosaur jungle. If you can, go to your local beach, woods or even just play in your garden. All these activities are going to help improve everyone’s mood and mental health. Both of which may suffer during this difficult time, but keeping sane at home will have to be our priority.

The key is Routine!

The trick to keeping sane at home is routine. Never has a routine been so important for both you and your children. No matter how old your children are, they will still need to have a routine. Ensure that they get up every morning, get washed and dressed as if they were still attending school, nursery or childcare.

Do not try to set a crazy schedule where you have every minute of every day planned out. Be realistic with how much time you will have to supervise activities, especially if you have to work from home as well. Keep it simple!

One of the best schedules I’ve seen is by Jessica Mchale. It is easy to follow and based on her children’s ages. This can be a starting point for you depending on your children’s ages and how manic your days are at the moment.

School is out but not forgotten

Although school is now out for the foreseeable future it does not mean it should be forgotten. But realistically you cannot replace your child’s teacher. During these uncertain times education may look different. Maths may be helping with the weekly food budget or setting up a snack shop at home. Science may be growing your own fruit and vegetables. Let’s not forget to involve our children in daily chores. Now is the best time to teach children life skills like cooking and doing laundry. 

Due to coronovirus many schools are also sending assignments to do at home. These activities will help children keep busy, but let’s not forget that children are also axcious about the unbelievable disrubtion COVID-19 brought to their life. Ensuring they are feeling safe and secure will have to take precedence. Remember, millions of other children in the world are in the same boat. They will be fine if they miss their homework in these crazy times.

Virtual Get Togethers!

Social distancing is going to be the hardest part for many people but especially us parents! We survive by having a fantastic network of mum friends who we can gossip with, vent about your day and have a good laugh at how surreal your life is!

In order to keep your sanity and not go nuts, set up some virtual dates with friends. These need to be when the kids have gone to bed and you can have some alone time to catch up with friends.

Coronavirus is not forever…

Keeping sane at home is going to be difficult over the next few weeks and months. As parents, we are now wearing many new hats that we never thought we would have to. But it will get better!

If we support each other and come together as a nation, we can beat this virus.  We can show that there are still amazing people in this world and as the human race we can grow!!!! 

Stay Safe!!

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