Fatherhood – 4 lighthearted changes when becoming a father

Fatherhood – 4 lighthearted changes when becoming a father

Fatherhood Aha. Where do we begin with this little life-changer, eh? Is your first baby arriving imminently, and you are feeling a tad apprehensive about becoming a father?

So, your first child is approaching faster than your brain can process, correct? Are you sweating a little? Anxious at the thought of suddenly becoming responsible for a helpless, tiny version of yourself? Don’t fret. You will be fine. I promise.

Well, firstly you will be correct in feeling these things. This is perfectly normal. Remember fatherhood, this is a life changing event and one of which is your prime responsibility. Kind of like the responsibility you had as a kid when you were left in charge of the pet rabbit whilst your mum popped to the shops for milk.

Sleep Is A Thing Of The Past

If this is important to you, please book yourself on to a retreat and sleep for the three months leading up to the birth. Non-stop. Please don’t, your unborn baby and partner will need you.

“But I love my sleep”. I hear you say. Let’s begin with the bad news. Unfortunately, sleep is the one single thing I can promise you to say goodbye to after you become a father. I can’t sit here and tell you that you will sleep eight hours per night, in a blissful scented utopia of your bedroom, without disruption. Nope. It is not going to happen I’m afraid. As soon as your baby enters the world, its own internal body clock will be all over the place. It needs to re-adjust to life outside the womb. So, expect the first few nights of fatherhood to be a complete washout for you and your partner as you try and align the baby’s sleeping pattern with your own. Once this has been established, the baby will still disrupt your sleep as they will need feeding through the night. In Layman’s terms. YOU. WILL. NOT. SLEEP. MUCH.

Fatherhood Changes Your Sense Of Smell

This is a real eye opener. Or nose opener. Depending on which way you look at it I suppose. There will be a time during early fatherhood where you are greeted with your first soiled nappy to deal with. When you do, your nose (and eyes) will undergo a sudden biological transformation. You will have been introduced to sights and smells you thought only existed in hell. Trust me. These soiled nappies can end entire civilizations.

The Social Life Of A Father

Yes, this will take a hit. It is inevitable. But that doesn’t mean you can never spend any time with friends or family ever again. Just not immediately after the birth. Once things have calmed down, you will be both deserving of a little break to catch your breath. Just don’t expect to be in a Las Vegas casino with your mates for a wee while yet.

Wearing The Same Socks Twice

If you are a male who takes pride in their appearance, this could cause you to hyper-ventilate a little. There will be a lot of washing. I mean lots. But you may find there isn’t enough room in the washing machine for your pants and socks just yet. You may have to wear them again I’m afraid. But don’t worry, your baby’s nappy needs changing again, so you better focus on that for now.

Yes, fatherhood changes things. In-fact your whole life is about to change. But as overwhelming as it may seem, think of it as your life as evolving. You are entering your next chapter becoming a father. It could be the best yet! And you may decide you want a second one.

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