Family Holiday – Here’s Four Alternative Ideas

Family Holiday – Here’s Four Alternative Ideas

We live in an era where we like to go against the grain by trying new things and experiences. Going on holiday with kids is no different.


Depending on your age as a parent, you will have experienced varying holidays with your own parents. Maybe you ventured to the west country packed to the rafters with suitcases on the roof of your dad’s hatchback. Or maybe your family holiday took you further afield to far-flung places to experience different cultures. And everything in-between. But what about today as a parent? What alternatives are there to driving to Cornwall or spending two weeks at Disney World before the kids return to school?  Here’s four alternative ideas for your family to consider:

A Family Holiday Glamping In A Yurt? What’s A Yurt I Hear You Say

Glamping has increased tremendously over the past decade or so. Search the web and you will find countless farms and companies offering a chance to spend your holiday half-way between camping and a boutique hotel. A Yurt provides a fantastic alternative to a traditional tent. It will give you the sense of being out in the open countryside but with an ability to enjoy all your every-day modern essentials to ease the potential stress. Most will offer heating and facilities matching basic hotel standard, so you will be in good hands.

Camping at a Family festival

Glamping is great, but there is nothing quite like traditional camping where your hard work is paid off with unparalleled views of the stars whilst all snug in your sleeping bag. Festivals are popping-up around the country more than ever, and some of the big ones are offering camping options for you and your little ones. Imagine setting up camp and then strolling together hand-in-hand to watch some of your favourite music in the safety of being in a family-friendly setting? Family festivals will have music, activities and food to suit everyone on your family holiday – including the fussy eaters of our children. For an upgrade some festivals will provide you with ‘posh’ toilets to add to the glam!  Here is one to look out for in 2020 by Just So Festival.

Hiring a campervan

Here’s where the fun really starts. As an alternative idea, forget your car this year. Why not search one of the leading vehicle hire companies like Just Go UK, and treat you and your family to a campervan for a week or so. Imagine, just rocking along to all your favourite tunes (including the annoying nursey rhymes), and just pulling up where you wished on your family holiday. You don’t even need a full strict itinerary to follow. Just pitch up at a suitable camp and ask whether there is space for one more rock ‘n’ roll family. The sense of freedom being together on one fun-filled family adventure will provide you all with truly priceless memories – even if the British rain strikes!

Test flight to the Channel Islands

You may have small children or nervous older ones who have never flown before. You as a parent may be feeling apprehensive about flying with your kids to Europe and beyond. It may be a great idea to test them out on a shorter flight to the Channel Islands as an alternative idea and use it as a stepping-stone for future adventures. After all, you can get to Jersey in under an hour from anywhere in the UK. Maybe book a hotel for a few nights and tour around the islands– or, for an unorthodox approach – how about flying to the island and then hopping on the next flight back? Either way, experiencing your first flight to a beautiful domestic destination is a great option to consider. Happy searching!

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